Just Arrived: Tesla Model 3

Drive Car Hire is proud to be the first rental company to offer electric vehicles (EVs) for hire in Tasmania.

We now offer Tesla Model 3s which make it possible to complete an emissions-free road trip around Tasmania.  Our Teslas are all Dual Motor Long Range Model 3s, perfect for Tasmania's world renowned touring routes.

Teslas are available for rental in Hobart, with Launceston to follow in early 2022.

Tesla white 5 edit.jpg

5 reasons why a Tesla is the perfect car for your Tasmanian travels 

  1. Electric vehicles are the future.  What better way to experience this for yourself than exploring our incredibly scenic state? 
  2. Tasmania achieved 100% renewable energy in 2020.  So you can travel in confidence that it is truly emissions-free.
  3. Tesla Model 3 is widely recognised as one of the safest cars on the roads.
  4. You’ll feel like part of the club. Tesla drivers are friendly folk – don’t be surprised to find them waving to you all over the state. 
  5. They are seriously fun to drive! 

Never driven an EV before? 

Never fear! Our team will be on hand to guide you through the process.  From the ins and outs of the tech-savvy Tesla to planning an itinerary that includes charging stops when you need them, it will be our pleasure to help you make the most of your EV experience.

 Consider renting a Tesla for your next Tasmanian road trip. We promise the experience will be electrifying!

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